Terms of use for our software products

The user will accept these terms of use and our general terms and conditions with the first installation or by using thesoftware for the 1st time, irrevocable.

You can use all our programs FREE OF CHARGE and WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS for 30 days.

During the trial period, or afterwards, you can purchase a licensenumber or just uninstall the software. You do NOT have the obligation to buy the software.

The details which you entered into the program will not be lost when the trial period is over, unless you uninstall the program.

It is forbidden to give or sell the software to others, unless you have the written permission from the owner of the copyright.

The licensenumber enables you to use the software program for an unlimited period on a computer.

A program version with licensenumber may only be used on one computer, unless other conditons of use were agreed upon in an additional contract.

The user agrees that the program will close down after 30 days, unless he purchases a licensenumber in order to use the program for an unlimited period.

The user himself is responsible for making a backup of the details on a regular basis.

The company will not accept any responsibility for damage and consequential damage, which were caused by the lost of files or inappropriate use of the software.

DIt is forbidden to change, develop back, develop further or translate the software.

Uninstall the software

In order to uninstall the software completely, please open the Windows-configuration screen and then select 'uninstall programs'.

Select the program which you wish to uninstall and click onto the button 'uninstall'.

The program will be uninstalled completely from your computer.

Attention! When you uninstall the program, not only the software but also all your entries will be deleted from your computer!


If you have any questions about the software, the installation or uninstall, you can contact us by phone or e-mail

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